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Founded in 2012, PlanetSell created with the aim of helping companies optimize communication with your current and future customers, tailoring our services to your needs so that the return on investment is very positive.

In a crisis like the present it is necessary that companies are not anchored in the traditional company-customer relationship. For this it is necessary to search prospect proactive as well as monitoring new communication channels.

PlanetSell offers its customers Online Marketing tools that will help them attract new customers anywhere in the world. Since the creation of the corporate website, online store and positioning to complete Mail Marketing campaigns that will introduce you to thousands of potential customers worldwide.

A professional team

Our professionals are specialists for each of the areas that may require online campaign : web development, brand positioning , management systems , online marketing, community management , graphic design, mobile application development , software projects turnkey …

Transparency at all

We are transparent . It makes no sense to work for you and that our services are profitable . In that case we will be the first to warn you and offer you alternatives.

Customer Focus

Your success is our success. In order to make successful online marketing campaigns need close collaboration . We know your company , your products, your promotions to offer you our best services.
We adapt to ensure their satisfaction and sustain it over time , since marketing is an ongoing process.

Proven experience

We provide you with all the knowledge accumulated in our ten years of experience in all kinds of areas of online marketing.