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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way to sell products over the Internet and stay in touch with customers and prospects.

We create large databases of emails from companies continuously upgrade process, of national and international companies. We continuously update these lists, which are classified by sectors. Each database entry includes the company email, telephone and location.

Launching an email campaign is an affordable way to market products and promotions to thousands of potential customers, in order to generate new sales channels.

We handle the entire process

1. Preparation of the campaign

Periodically we coordinate with you the email campaign of your product or promotion. We will design an email campaign that is appealing to your customers.
The message will be clear and contain links to your website, in order to monitor and follow-up the campaign.

2. Selection of a Sector

We will jointly decide which sector and regions / countries will be targeted by the campaign. The success of our campaign will be conditioned by the proper selection of its recipients. They must regard our email as relevant.

3. Bulk mailing

We take care of your campaign by ensuring that all recipients will receive an email that will display correctly.

4. Tracing

After each bulk email submission, you can always look at the statistics to know which potential customers have opened the email, ascertain whether which of your website pages have they visited, and find out their address, company name and telephone. From that point, you can follow up via email or by telephone to finalise the sale.